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2017-02-07 – Pumping station optimisation saves energy, reduces leaks and reduces TCO

An upgrade of the water treatment and water supply system in Samara, Russia, has seen the implementation of innovative software-driven process optimisation built on Mitsubishi Electric MAPS SCADA. The optimisation and control solution implemented across 37 boosting pumping stations has improved operational efficiencies, reduced leaks and reduced total cost of ownership.

2016-11-03 – Guided Operator Solutions enhance quality control process for air conditioning manufacturer

The need to maximise quality, productivity and efficiency on production lines and in manual assembly cells is a challenge faced by much of manufacturing industry. It has been met at Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Europe by employing Guided Operator Solutions from sister company Mitsubishi Electric, Factory Automation.

2016-04-19 – Mitsubishi Electric Variable speed drives deliver big energy savings for Irish mushroom producer

When one of the largest mushroom producers in Ireland, Codd Mushrooms, looked at how to save energy within its factory chilled water system, and at the same time boost reliability, it turned to Mitsubishi Electric and its systems integrator partner MPAC for a solution. The resulting PLC based control system using Mitsubishi Electric variable speed drives to control the various pumps and systems ..

2014-12-16 – Preventative condition monitoring in the sewage treatment plant

Nearly everyone uses this facility every day; 99 percent of households in Germany are connected to a sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment plants purify our waste water to such an extent that it can be returned into rivers and waterways safely, and thus put back into the water circulation. The plants carry out this task non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The basic precondition is..

2014-06-24 – Handling syringes on a minimal footprint

Special modular solution: coordinated syringe handling by Mitsubishi Electric robots The pharmaceutical industry sets high standards in respect of hygiene, quality and performance, and these standards apply to pharmaceutical packing facilities too. Space is also often at a premium in production plants, chiefly due to how they have grown historically, and new additions to the machinery stock...

2014-06-11 – Are traditional SCADA systems a thing of the past?

The pressure being placed on municipal and county utilities continues to rise as customers demand quick problem identification and even quicker resolutions. Engineers require an enhanced integrated SCADA system that does not require ongoing alterations or pose other difficulties associated with maintaining consistency and integrity.

2014-05-08 – Pacemaker with a sense of rhythm

Mitsubishi Electric robots and servos ensure the correct handling speed on a minimal footprint. The contract packer of an international pharmaceutical company based in Germany was seeking a solution for the supply and packing of vials of different sizes for an existing system, but barely two square metres of floor space was available to add this facility on....

2014-03-18 – Innovation in Packaging applications with Mitsubishi Electric’s Motion Control technology

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in the three principal application areas for servo drives in industrial automation: robotics, CNC and general motion control (GMC). Mitsubishi manufactures its own technologies in all of these fields, something which very few other manufacturers can match. Combining this capability with unmatched service results in control solutions enabling ...

2013-11-23 – Mitsubishi Electric PLCs provide control heart of AGVs at automotive engine block assembly plant

A leading automotive manufacturer is benefiting from increased production in its engine block assembly thanks to the use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) to transfer components to different stations within the assembly process. Key to the design operation of the AGVs are the modular MELSEC L series PLCs from Mitsubishi Electric.

*Note: The texts and illustrations are copyright protected by Mitsubishi Electric. They may be freely used provided they are used exclusively for reporting and informing about Mitsubishi Electric or our products. The use of these texts and illustrations beyond press or radio reporting purposes requires our explicit consent.

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