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Factory Automation

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Upgrade your discontinued AnS PLC to Q

Mitsubishi Electric is constantly researching and applying the latest technology to its range of Automation products. This inevitably leads to new product ranges and series being developed, which bring ever greater benefits of efficiency, increased operational life and new functions to simplify complex tasks.

Some time ago Mitsubishi Electric announced the discontinuation of the AnS/QnAS PLC controllers. The phase out period is coming to an end and customers will not be able to order these models come the end of August 2014.

However, as would be expected from a world leading supplier, Mitsubishi Electric has ensured, as part of its on going support of product, that there is always an upgrade path from any of the previous generation hardware products into the latest generation.

Mitsubishi Electric has carefully engineered a combination of hardware, software, and support designed to allow you to upgrade legacy MELSEC AnS/QnAS Series controller systems to the current MELSEC-Q Series with minimum disruption to your plant operations.

If you would like more information on upgrading from AnS to Q please fill in the below form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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