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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

Robot Safety Offer- MELFA Safeplus

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new optional Safety Solution called “MELFA SafePlus” for its MELFA F Series industrial robots. The new technology limits the speed, range of movement or torque of the robot when safety sensors are activated, allowing operators to work in close proximity to a moving robot.

How Does it Work?

Three main safety functions are available for the new “MELFA SafePlus” solution for the F Series controllers.

  • Reduced Speed Control limits the robot’s maximum speed to less than 250mm/s when activated, allowing the robot to carry on working but at a safe speed when operators are present, for example to load or unload material. Two different zones with different limited speeds can be defined, so the robot can adapt its behaviour according to its likely proximity to the operator.
  • Limited Range Control prevents the robot from entering the part of the work cell accessed by the operator. The system monitors the position of four points on the robot arm and prevents any one of them from passing a pre-defined plane while the safety system is activated.
  • Torque Monitoring controls the speed and movement of the robot to keep estimated torque in its joints below a pre-determined level. Actual torque in the joints is continually monitored and the robot is immediately stopped if torque exceeds the pre-set level. This ensures that the robot will stop safely in the event of a collision with an operator and also protect the equipment.

In addition, all F Series robots are equipped with Safe Torque Off and Safe Stop capabilities, ensuring that motor power shuts off and the robot stops when an error occurs. This almost entirely avoids the risk of collisions with peripheral devices and other components.

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