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Computerized Numerical Controllers(CNCs)


The best partner for your success.

The MITSUBISHI CNC business philosophy includes following statements:
The staff at MITSUBISHI CNC business is committed to be
"the best partner for customers aiming at global and future-oriented development".
We will continue our efforts to provide CNCs that support the aims of our customers.

Product List


Computerized Numerical Controllers(CNCs) Advanced product lines take your machine to the next level.

  • M800/M80 Series
  • C80 Series
  • M800W Series
  • M700V Series
  • M70V Series
  • E70 Series
  • C70 Series

Drive units

Drive units High-gain servo/spindle drives, capable of fully enhancing drive system performance.

  • MDS-E/EH Series
  • MDS-EM/EMH Series
  • MDS-EJ/EJH Series
  • MDS-D2/DH2 Series
  • MDS-DJ Series
  • MDS-DM2 Series

Servo motors

Servo motors Nano-control compatible servo motor, well suited to various types of machines.

  • HG Series
  • Medium-inertia motor HF Series
  • Low-inertia motor HF-KP Series
  • Linear servo motor LM-F Series
  • Direct drive servo motor TM-RB Series

Spindle motors

Spindle motors Next-generation spindle motor, equipped with high speed and high efficiency.

  • High-performance new type spindle motors SJ-D Series
  • SJ-DG Series
  • Low-inertia, high-speed spindle motors SJ-DL Series
  • SJ-BG Series
  • HG-JR Series
  • High-performance spindle motors SJ-V Series
  • Low-inertia, high-speed spindle motors SJ-VL Series
  • Tools spindle motors HF-KP/HF-SP Series
  • Built-in spindle motor
  • IPM Spindle Motor

Software tools

Software tools The network software tools enable an improved CNC environment

  • NC Servo Selection
  • Screen design: NC Designer2
  • Training tool /customization support: NC Trainer2 / NC Trainer2 plus
  • NC parameter setup: NC Configurator2
  • Servo adjustment: NC Analyzer2
  • Data transfer: NC Explorer
  • Remote monitoring: NC Monitor2
  • Remote monitoring: Remote Monitor Tool (C70)