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MELFA Robots – RP Series

Super-fast exceptionally precise

MELFA Robots – RP Series

The RP-series of Mitsubishi Electric convinces due to its innovative concept, which is required for highly accurate and extremely fast applications. The robots have a unique double-arm structure which significantly increases production and improves quality within micro-handling. Together with the ultra-compact SD-controller, the RP-robot can be manually installed in any application, no matter how small. Like all MELFA-robots, the RP-series is already fitted at the factory with all features such as Ethernet, USB, tracking connection and the additional axle control for up to 8 additional axles.


  • Highest precision: repetition accuracy of ± 0.005 mm
  • Compact and lightweight: 12 kg light and a footprint smaller than DIN A4 (FP-1ADH)
  • Weight: 1 kg to 5 kg handling weight for many different applications.
  • Protection: Clean-room model (ISO-level III) available
  • Connectors: Pneumatic grippers, Ethernet, USB, camera interface and two encoder connections as well as up to 8 additional external axles as standard, optional I/O and field bus expansion cards. Direct Connection via Ethernet to GOT HMI and teaching box.
  • Double arm SCARA robot: unrivalled in the market - unique in the Technology
  • Teaching box : Full Graphic R56TB with touch screen or R32TB

Product range

Degrees of freedom (no. of axes)444
Maximum speed<0.5 s/Cycle>0.5 s/Cycle>0.5 s/Cycle
Payload capacity1.0 kg3.0 kg5.0 kg
Position repeatability (X, Y direction)± 0.005 mm± 0.008 mm± 0.01 mm
Position repeatability (Z direction)± 0,01 mm± 0,01 mm± 0,01 mm
Operating range234 mm332 mm451 mm

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