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Smart Condition Monitoring

A holistic approach to predictive maintenance

Smart Condition Monitoring


Predictive maintenance

Manufacturers need to increase machine availability and reduce unscheduled downtime in order to respond to global competition, requiring techniques that will help to manage maintenance and maximise reliable production. Condition monitoring offers a predictive approach to plant maintenance, ensuring optimum asset performance while keeping downtime to a minimum.

The Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) solution from Mitsubishi Electric provides an integrated approach to monitoring the condition of individual assets and enables a holistic approach to be taken to monitoring the asset health of the whole plant. Individual sensors provide both an in-built ‘traffic light’ warning indication at the machine, but at the same time plain text information from multiple sensors is transferred over Ethernet to the smart sensor controller for in-depth monitoring and more detailed analysis.

Benefits & functions

Operational benefits

Linking multiple sensors into the sensor control system enables the controller to analyse patterns of operation that are outside the norm, with a series of defined alarm conditions that provide alerts that attention is needed.

The SCM analysis provides detailed diagnostics, offers suggestions for where additional measurements should be taken, and provides maintenance staff more precise error identification with identifying the root case and even recommendations as to what rectification actions should be taken, with clear text messages presented to personnel. This information can be networked to higher-level systems for ongoing trend analysis across all of the assets around the plant.

  • Predictable maintenance month before breakdown
  • Reliable online monitoring of the machine
  • Intelligent process monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive operation
  • Long term storage of historical data
  • Flexible, expandable system
  • Full service around machine diagnosis


The Smart Condition Monitoring system supports a number of functions that aid in predictive maintenance:

  • Bearing defect detection
  • Imbalance detection
  • Misalignment
  • Lack of lubricant detection
  • Temperature measurement
  • Cavitation detection
  • Phase failure recognition
  • Resonance frequency detection


The Smart Condition Monitoring system overcomes the limitations of traditional sensors. Although these indicate a developing problem on an individual machine, they give no detail about what the problem could be or how serious it might be. The SCM system provides an improved solution for:

  • Electric motors
  • Geared motors
  • Vacuum and fluid pumps
  • Ventilators and fans
  • Gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Spindles and machine tools
  • Separators and decanters

With its ready-made Smart Condition Monitoring Kits Mitsubishi Electric offers powerful complete solutions for easy integration into existing applications. Compared to conventional monitoring concepts, the modular Plug & Play system does not only analyse classic machine data such as temperature, but also vibration-dependent parameters.

Mitsubishi Electric offers three different kits:

SCM Kit DRIVES for the lower power range with the integration of up to 2 sensors
SCM Kit COMPACT for up to 6 sensors
SCM Kit MODULAR for up to 14 sensors and more

Smart Condition Monitoring Kit-DRIVES

Smart Condition Monitoring

The SCM Kit-DRIVES offers a ready-made integrated condition monitoring solution for permanent installation and integration into existing applications. This is possible thanks to the combination of three powerful individual components; frequency inverter, operator display and a ready-made vibration sensor. The frequency inverter included in the package is your wild-card for all drive tasks. The system can be extended to up to two sensors. Implementation is easy by using plug & play via the display, even without expert knowledge in the field of condition monitoring.

SCM KitRated device current [A]Rated motor power [kW]Part no.
FR-A840-00023 SCM2,32,11,50,80,750,750,40,2314568
FR-A840-00038 SCM3,83,52,51,51,51,50,750,4314569
FR-A840-00052 SCM5,24,842,52,22,21,50,75314570
FR-A840-00083 SCM8,37,6643,73,72,21,5314571
FR-A840-00126 SCM12,611,5965,55,53,72,2314572
FR-A840-00170 SCM17161297,57,55,53,7314573
FR-A840-00250 SCM2523171211117,55,5314574
FR-A840-00310 SCM312923171515117,5314585
FR-A840-00380 SCM3835312318,518,51511314586
FR-A840-00470 SCM47433831222218,515314587
FR-A840-00620 SCM6257443830302218,5314588
FR-A840-00770 SCM7770574437373022314589
FR-A840-00930 SCM9385715745453730314590
FR-A840-01160 SCM116106867155554537314591
FR-A840-01800 SCM1801441108675755545314592
FR-A840-02160 SCM216180144110110907555314593
FR-A840-02600 SCM2602161801441321109075314594
FR-A840-03250 SCM32526021618016013211090314595
FR-A840-03610 SCM361325260216185160132110314596
FR-A840-04320 SCM432361325260220185160132314597
FR-A840-04810 SCM481432361325250220185160314598
FR-A840-05470 SCM547481432361280250220185314599
FR-A840-06100 SCM610547481432315280250220314600
FR-A840-06830 SCM683610547481355315280250314601
FR-A842-07700 SCM2770683610547400355315280314602
FR-A842-08660 SCM2866770683610450400355315314603
FR-A842-09620 SCM2962866770683500450400355314604
FR-A842-10940 SCM21094962866770560500450400314605
FR-A842-12120 SCM212121094962866630560500450314606
SCM KitRated device current [A]Rated motor power [kW]Part no.
FR-F840-00023 SCM2.32.10.750.75314607
FR-F840-00038 SCM3.
FR-F840-00052 SCM5.
FR-F840-00083 SCM8.
FR-F840-00126 SCM12.611.55.55.5314611
FR-F840-00170 SCM17167.57.5314612
FR-F840-00250 SCM25231111314613
FR-F840-00310 SCM31291515314614
FR-F840-00380 SCM383518.518.5314615
FR-F840-00470 SCM47432222314616
FR-F840-00620 SCM62573030314617
FR-F840-00770 SCM77703737314618
FR-F840-00930 SCM93854545314619
FR-F840-01160 SCM1161065555314620
FR-F840-01800 SCM1801449075314621
FR-F840-02160 SCM21618011090314622
FR-F840-02600 SCM260216132110314623
FR-F840-03250 SCM325260160132314624
FR-F840-03610 SCM361325185160314625
FR-F840-04320 SCM432361220185314626
FR-F840-04810 SCM481432250220314627
FR-F840-05470 SCM547481280250314628
FR-F840-06100 SCM610547315280314629
FR-F840-06830 SCM683610355315314630
FR-F842-07700 SCM2770683400355314631
FR-F842-08660 SCM2866770450400314632
FR-F842-09620 SCM2962866500450314633
FR-F842-10940 SCM21094962560500314634
FR-F842-12120 SCM212121094630560314635

1 SLD = Super light duty (110 % for 60 s, 120 % for 3 s); LD = Light duty (120 % for 60 s, 150 % for 3 s); ND = Normal duty (150 % for 60 s, 200 % for 3 s); HD = Heavy duty (200 % for 60 s, 250 % for 3 s)

2 Type FR-AF842 frequency inverters must be operated with an FR-CC2 current converter, which must be ordered separately. For additional details, please see the frequency inverter catalogue.

Optional for expansion:Part no.
Second FAG SmartCheck vibration sensor, pre-configured314338
Sensor mounting adaptor M8/M6271184
SCM Kit Ethernet cable, 10 m271188

The Smart Condition Monitoring Kit-1 COMPACT

Smart Condition Monitoring

Simple decision. The SCM Kit-1 COMPACT is one of our SCM solutions and offers outstanding value and reduces costly downtime. It is a completely preconfigured condition monitoring solution for new or existing applications with one vibration sensor and is optionally expandable with up to six sensors.

SCM Kit-1 COMPACTPart no.
Compact control cabinet H × W × D: 30 × 30 × 21 cm
incl. SmartCheck-Kit pre-configured SmartCheck sensor #1 with 10m Ethernet PoE connecting cable, expandable with up to six sensors.
Mounting with M6 screw connection
Integral programmable sensor controller for data processing and external signal handling
Integral 4.3“ operating display for visualisation and parameter adjustment
PoE switch for data signals and sensor power supply
Optional for expansion:
FAG SmartCheck - preconfigured Kit sensor #2298547
FAG SmartCheck - preconfigured Kit sensor #3298548
FAG SmartCheck - preconfigured Kit sensor #4298549
FAG SmartCheck - preconfigured Kit sensor #5298550
FAG SmartCheck - preconfigured Kit sensor #6298551
Ethernet cable 10 Metre for SCM Kit sensor271188
Ethernet cable 20 Metre for SCM Kit sensor271189
Ethernet cable 30 Metre for SCM Kit sensor298545
Ethernet cable 50 Metre for SCM Kit sensor297286
FAG SmartCheck SPM mounting adapter M8/M6271184